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Disston’s superior collection of reciprocating saw blades make quick work of anything you can throw at it. Reciprocating saw blades are available in individual packages and handy multi-pack tubes.

TYPES OF reciprocating SAW BLADES

Incredibly tough demolition reciprocating saw blades. The tough blades are made wider and thicker than normal reciprocating blades for heavy-duty applications such as demolition and recovery projects.
These Bi-Metal reciprocating saw blades are designed for efficient cutting in a wide variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. Make quick and accurate cuts for general purpose projects.

Carbide particles bonded to a steel blade. This saw cuts extremely abrasive materials with no teeth to chip or dull. Carbide grit offers the greatest wear and heat resistance. Ideal for materials that other blades will not cut.
These Bi-Metal reciprocating saw blades are designed for high performance during pallet dismantling. Blades feature a special backer for greater flexibility when cutting block pallets.